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The Classic Roll Top Desk
Here's the crowning piece for our classic Rolltop Desk

Phase 2

9. Top Drawers. A locking drawer joint is used on the Top Drawers (see Top Drawer Construction drawing). For parts JJ through QQ, repeat the same construction procedures as in step 8.

10. Finishing. Prior to final assembly, apply the finish of your choice to the Insert, Tambour and Frame.

11. Assembly. Insert the Tambour into the grooves in the Sides (D). Attach the Rolltop to the Desktop with dowels, but do not glue, as this makes the desk easier to disassemble in the event you have to move it. Have someone help you lower the assembled Rolltop onto the dowel holes in the Desktop.

Next, attach the Bottom Rail (C) to the Desktop using #9 x 1-1/4" flathead wood screws. Nail the back (E) into place using small brads or 2-penny nails. Finally, select and install the hardware of your choice and enjoy!



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